Birth FAQs

  • I like the idea of birth photography, but I’m concerned with keeping certain things private. I document everything as it happens during your birth. Some moms want only shots taken near her head while others want images of their baby crowning; it is completely up to you and I respect that. You will still get lots of beautiful pictures.

  • How many birth photography sessions do you book per month? Births are unpredictable because due dates are really a 5-week range. I typically book one or two births per month because of that unpredictability. 

  • Do you need to get approval from the hospital staff to photograph my birth? Nobody needs permission to have their birth photographed. It is a parental right. It is courteous, however, to let your provider know that you’ve hired a birth photographer, during your pregnancy. When you go into labor, you should remind them that a photographer is coming. If they have any questions they can email me. 

  • What if I have a c-section? If you have a c-section or have a scheduled c-section, you will receive beautiful photographs. With permission from your OB and the anesthesiologist, I can most certainly photograph your cesarean birth. But this must be secured in advance. Even if I am not allowed in the operating room, I will be there waiting as soon as you are in a postpartum room. Be sure to check your hospital’s policy on who is allowed in the OR.

  • Do you use a flash? It depends on what light is in the room. I will use a flash in a dark room, with your permission. If you prefer I not use flash I ask that we have some source of light, if only from a lamp. I use a speed flash and bounce it off the wall or over my shoulder. It isn’t in your face the way pop-up flashes are on point and shoot cameras.

  • How much interaction do you have with us? I'm usually pretty quiet and just sorta blend into the background, but I am definitely open to interactions. 

  • When I go into labor, when should I contact you? As soon as you think somethings happening. I want to know when labor starts and then be updated during the progress of early labor. Call me, text me, email me – whatever works for you but keep me posted. If you are receiving vaginal checks, I would like to be there when you reach about 6cm, or by the time active labor begins. If you are not receiving vaginal checks, then you should plan on me being there before you are too uncomfortable. I am available via text throughout your labor, if calling is a hassle. I always err on the side of caution and would much rather be there too early rather than too late.

  • What if you can’t make the birth or miss it?
    If I have been given ample notice (exception: medical emergencies), this problem should not arise. Should any circumstance arise, however, that is not the fault of the client, that prevents me from making your birth, you have the option of applying your money towards a session of your choosing. Should any circumstance arise that is neither the fault of the client or myself (automobile accidents, extremely fast labor, emergency medical situation for either party), your money will be applied towards a future session or photo products of your choosing. If, by my fault only, I miss your birth (i.e., you are unable to reach me at all), you are entitled any of the above, or a refund.

  • What will you do if something is wrong with my baby? I will do whatever you want me to do. I know this can be a rather chaotic situation and I will do my best to read the emotions in the room and determine whether or not I should stay, but you ultimately have the say in whether or not I do. NICU photos at a later date is also an option. If you give birth to an angel baby, with your permission, I will continue to take beautiful photos.

  • Does it matter how long my birth lasts? No. I will stay as long as the birth is in progress. Some births are long, some are short. I don’t charge by the hour or anything. If labor stalls, I may leave and come back.

  • How long do you stay after the birth? On average, I stay one to two hours after the birth of your baby, in order to capture weight, measurement, footprints, breastfeeding, meeting the extended family and those quiet, peaceful moments following birth.